Our mission:

  1. Break the norm of using non-sustainable, environmentally harmful materials in our everyday belongings.
  2. Create products that are mediums of creative expression for the consumer.
  3. Use our platform as a retailer to raise awareness and to become an impetus of and contribution to social change. 



/ˈkizmit,ˈkizˌmet/ noun


Destiny; fate


We are a NYC-based, Korean-born, Vietnam-made lifestyle retailer specializing in all kinds of bags. Our plethora of products contain stitches that are lovingly placed by the hands of our Vietnamese artisans. 

As all of our products are handcrafted, we can happily promise that each and every product is unique. We believe that there is an energy that is transferred from the hands of the artisan as the fabric and design are woven into the created product; this energy is invisible to the eye, but it lives and is fueled and given life as the products are placed in the hands of the consumer (you!). 

Here at Kismet, we like to believe that fate is in your hands. Look to the skies and count your lucky stars. Choose and walk your next step. Ultimately, Kismet is about you. You as the user have the control over your lifestyle and your possessions. You can decide how long you use them, but we can help you with that journey with our products.