Nice to meet you! We are an NYC-based, Korean-born, Vietnam-made lifestyle retailer specializing in all kinds of bags.

CARRY KISMET was birthed from the idea that items should be made to last—all of our products are handcrafted in small batches by KISMET artisans. Why we decided to go handmade.

Here are some ways we are striving to be a sustainable, slow-fashion brand:

  1. COMPOSTABLE AND RECYCLED PACKAGING. All of our packaging is compostable or recycled; we try our best to be plastic-free in every step of production

  2. SMALL, HIGH QUALITY BATCHES. Each collection is handmade in small batches, making the process less wasteful. We also encourage reduction of waste on the consumer side by creating quality items made to last.

  3. ETHICAL WORKING ENVIRONMENT. The products you choose to spend your money on hadn’t taken advantage of workers or used child labor. KISMET’s community of artisans can be found here.


/ˈkizmit,ˈkizˌmet/ noun

destiny; fate 

Here at CARRY KISMET, we dedicated ourselves to creating timeless pieces of high quality. Our products really speak for themselves: you can feel and see the amount of attention and detail that goes into each KISMET piece.

As all of our products are handcrafted, we can happily promise that each and every product is unique. We believe that there is an energy that is transferred from the hands of the artisan as the fabric and design are woven into the created product; this energy is invisible to the eye, but it lives and is fueled and given life as the products are placed in the hands of the consumer (you!). 

Look to the skies and count your lucky stars. Ultimately, kismet is about you. You as the user have the control over your lifestyle and your possessions. Fate is in your hands. Thank you for choosing to CARRY KISMET.